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About Us

Our company is a limited liability corporation based in Atlanta Georgia (USA). We have international partners in the states of Israel and in Hong Kong. Our domestic partners are located in New York, San Diego and Atlanta. We use state-of-the-art technology in developing our products and in maintaining our services.
We are a very young and energetic company (we incorporated in May, 1997). We are looking for new enterprises and opportunities to expand our product lines and services.
Recently we have engaged in a new product development based on a wave motor patent (patent pending) designed by an Israeli entrepreneur. We are currently looking for new investors to join in to this venture.
We are also expanding into the RECRUITMENT field where we will be come major players as providers of highly skilled personnel in the hi-tech industry. Specifically we will focus on supplying the demand for Programmers, Business Analysts, both functional and technical support systems, and Financial software implementers (i.e. PeopleSoft and Geac SmartStream financial packages).
We can provide consultation and implementation services via our preferred consulting firm (Technology Solutions Company) and provide strategic and comprehensive solutions for all your corporate financial needs.