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Established in 1997 in Atlanta, GA, USA and has been pushing a patent registration of a Wave Motor - a natural renewable engine that derives energy from sea waves.

In years to come, multiple patent registration have been successfully completed with the USPTO. Also, WSCO has done property management in New York, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

in 2004, WSCO became a subsidiary of Solell Imports and Neworks (1997) LTD of Israel.



Our long time experience with American and Israeli Markets in the fields of IT (cloud based) and Property Management as well as Startups (including patent registration and business plans) places us as the premier and leading company that can provide the benefits of market knowledge with personal experience that is invaluable.  


About our CEO

Our CEO, Mr. Alon Solell holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia State University, majoring in Computer Information Systems.
Mr. Solell experience is derived from his long years of working as a consultant for Accenture (previously known as Andersen Consulting), Delta Air Lines and Technology Solutions Company, all premier IT and Strategy consulting firms. Amongst the clients that Mr. Solell was in charge were: The U.S Mission to the U.N, Prudential Securities, AT&T, Prudential Healthcare, Credit Suisse Bank, and UBS Warburg Bank.
The methodologies and business experience gained within these projects became assets that are utilized in WSCO, SHEV and few other of our companies.
Mr. Solell is an avid sport enthusiastic and feels very fortunate that it coincides with his work.
Property Management
Tama 38

NY | Las Vegas | Atlanta | Tel-Aviv

Property Management

Property managment, maintanence, regulation (TAMA-38 in Israel), Rentals and Leasing

Cloud Services
Linux and Windows Hosting
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud

Google Cloud | Amazon AWS | VMWare

Cloud Services

Hosting services, Cloud Services, Global or Local

Sporting Events
IT Setups
Onsite & Online Registration
Participants Kit distribution

IT Support | Online & Onsite Registration | Operational Management

Sporting Events

IT Setups for online and onsite registartion, Participants kit distribution



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