Business Consulting

Start-up or Grow-up? We are here to help 

Business Consulting - Global reach within your hands

In WSCO via our Cloud Services we get a lot of calls from individuals and small organizations (usually small partnership of two people) that have a "Concept" of a new business.

We step up on these startups and provide an impartial advise on technical and business strategy approaches to head up such projects.

Together with our clients, we do review of their case, by running scenarios of scalability, do SWAT analysis, suggest and propose architecture of design and provide the client with their best of class solution.

Drawing on his vast experience with corporations and large entities, our CEO, Mr. Solell is leading our clients with confidency to great success. Innovation and technology are our guide to lead to successful projects and we have dozens of case studies/projects/implementations of business plans and strategy to back it up.