Cloud Services

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Cloud Service - Local, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud!

There is a variety of options for cloud services. Be it for small landing page or a full scale cluster services with CDN.

Our hosting division - is providing the full scale of options so the solution is always tailored to the client's needs and size.

We utilize the data centers of Cellcom (Israel) and CCC (Israel) for our local immediate users. Using VMWare and Veeam for Cloud environment, we have over 400 virtual servers and several physical cabinets for physical servers. Our connectivity to the Internet backbone is provided by the top-tier internet data centers in Israel, proving our customers best in class speeds and response times.

Our servers are all brand names such as DELL, IBM and HP and our network switches are all enterprise class Cisco WS4948 series.
We utilize dedicated or shared firewalls from Fortinet (Fortigate 300C).

Most of our clients are Linux (CentOS) and Windows (2003 to 2016). We maintain high capacity of redundent hardware for disaster situation and an extreme regim of backup topology comprised of dedicated backup 10Gbit network and dedicated backup servers.

We can provide small scale 'just a landing page' web hosting as well as cluster based solutions for large organizations with either Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

Secured Hosting EnVironment

No hosting account is too small, No hosting need is too big. With our Big Data solutions by Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, we have the option to provide all available solutions for any type of organization.

Developers Friendly

We provide developers with SSH/RDP based on their needs and allocated resources

Nightly Backups

All our local VPS in our data center are going through nightly snapshots stored onto a dedicated and separated backup server.


Our dedicated co-location servers are all attached to KVM over IP units, enabling the owners to access the servers at anytime directly.

Accelarated Firewall Ports

We use Fortigate 300C and above, which means that all the firewall ports use the Accelerated Advanced Ports.