Renewable Energy and Patents

What We've Done So Far? 

Patents, Innovations, Trademarks etc.

Already in 1979 (yes,. long before this company was set up) Mr. Yedidia Solell (our CEO father) has registered the first patent for his Wave Motor Engine .
The patent has won the 1981 international patent exhibit in New York.

Since then, WSCO has registered another patent, enhancing the Wave Motor engine, making it more efficient.

In 1990, Mr. Solell registered a trademark for an electric broom with the Israel Patent and Trademark office

In 2005, WSCO inspired by a flawed product of a Chassie of a server, WSCO has designed, developed and created the Drawer-Chassie for servers, a product so successful, it was remodeled and reach 5 life cycles, selling to the Israeli market by several hundreds.

In years to come, multiple patent registration have been successfully completed with the USPTO either for WSCO or for its other companies and clients.